Run for His Life

Nick Stuart|Executive Producer

Inspired by his father’s strength and resilience during his incarceration, Pete will run the NYC marathon.


At first glance, Pete Monsanto Jr lives a glamorous life; a celebrity photographer who works with Meek Mill, Rick Ross, Nicki Minaj, etc. But look deeper and you will see a man with a Dad-sized hole in his life. Pete was just five years old when his father was sentenced to life without parole for racketeering. Pete is now the same age his dad was when he was sent away. During his incarceration, Pete’s father runs every day in the prison yard, keeping his mind and body sharp. Inspired by his dad, Pete decided to run the NYC marathon. Pete’s personal story, the special bond he shared with his incarcerated dad and his experience with the 26-mile race are the subject of Run For His Life.

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