Not For Profit Consulting

Nick ran Not For Profits in the US and UK for 22 years before setting up his own consultancy business in 2023, notably CTVC in London and Odyssey Impact in New York which he ran from 2009 to 2022.

Nick specializes in revitalizing and reinventing organizations, leading companies through strategic reviews, from planning to implementation to deliver mission in a dynamic and impactful way that energizes staff and partners alike.

Nick has extensive experience of working with not for profits with for profit company subsidiaries and is at home in both the for profit and not for profit worlds. Working with philanthropy teams he has raised over $6million in the last ten years, creating new products, building partnership networks and measuring impact for funders and boards.

Commitment to Social Justice:

As a Current Affairs and Religion reporter in some of the world’s most challenging flash points ( “The Troubles” in Northern Ireland, the First Intifadah in Israel / Palestine , the fall of Apartheid in South Africa and the fall of Communism in Eastern Europe), Nick saw first hand the power of ordinary people to do extraordinary things, and change the world in the name of justice. He has dedicated the last 22 years to lifting up the stories of ordinary people being extraordinary, supporting not for profits in their work for racial, economic and environmental justice.

Using the power of media and storytelling he has helped inspire workforces and bring new audiences to their work. One of his proudest achievements was to be being invited by a European Union initiative to lead peacekeepers in Iraq, Lebanon and Syria in a workshop in Beirut on the power of storytelling. )I have pictures) .

We all have stories – now what story shall we tell together to change the world ?

Nick brought a very rare ensemble of gifts to an organization that was searching for new direction in a time of great social turmoil and trying to navigate the rapidly changing worlds of media and technology. He led the organization in a major re-invention that led to a refreshed sense of mission, a new suite of strategies, and a fresh mix of organizational talent, and created significant public energy around some of the most pressing issues of our time.

— REV. Dr James Wind,
Former Chair, Odyssey Impact

When I was the CEO of the Tanenbaum Center for Interreligious Understanding, we partnered with Odyssey Networks and its CEO Nick Stuart to bring Odyssey programming to our networks. The programming he spearheaded enhanced our impact and capacity to promote interfaith dialogue and collaboration. Our collaboration gave me the opportunity to see how Nick strategically built Odyssey with creativity, collaboration, and smart leadership – all dedicated to the pursuit of social justice and the greater good. A strong leader, Nick has dedicated his work to creating a more just future for all.

CEO Emeritus, Tanenbaum Center for Interreligious Education

As a Speaker and Workshop Leader:

Never less than captivating, he provided concrete and specific information, skills and perspectives that every one of the twenty participants could take away to enrich their programmes. The participants loved him and were delighted to have such expert coaching on hand, while also feeling they had made a supportive new friend.

For us to work with, Nick was a dream; in addition to his undoubted expertise and high profile, he is both serious and fun-loving, compassionate and humorous, imaginative and innovative, creative and 100% reliable in some highly stressful circumstances.
Founder, “Lokahi” Storytelling workshop for Peace Leaders in the Middle East